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Siv Meisingseth:

I’m an award winning communications expert living in Oslo, Norway. Journalists have been voting me as the best spokesperson in the country several times. I  have been working with communications since 1983, as a journalist in the Norwegian National Broadcasting, as a spokesperson for SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, director of communications at the Norwegian Central Bank and as head of communications for Plan International Norway and Head of Media in Save the Children Norway. I have also been working as a partner in the PR-agency Corporate Communications where I offered advice about media handling and crisis management.

Through my career I have been working with several crises and my target for this website is to share some of my experiences and give some advice about how to act  when the  crisis strikes.

In 2011/12 I spent a year following courses at Harvard Kennedy School of Government and at MIT as an affiliate of MIT Knight Fellowship in Science Journalism. This year gave me inspiration and time to make this website.
You can contact me by dropping a mail to smeisingseth@gmail.com or call me on +47 91638912

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